I sure don't like the way this forum handles errors. I spent a good 15 minutes typing a message and forgot to fill in the topic. When I submitted the message it bounced back with an error message and my text was gone :angry: Grrrr. Had to start over. Yep, I'm a slow typist to boot!
  • Re: Message is lost when "Subject" is blank.

    by » 13 years ago

    Hi John

    I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with the forum and our apologies for not answering sooner.

    The way the forum handles "no subject" is usually that you can't submit the topic at all. (try it out)
    There are also certain restrictions on the content, like a minimum characters for signatures as well as maximum character size for subjects. You might also get timed out if you spend too much time without an action (click on any link). This is a security feature and common for most websites.

    Please let us know if you encounter any other problems.

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