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Good am good peeps,  WOW what an incredibly different world we have now, eh?  I Cant believe we allowed this virus to the shores of america ... or any modern nation, shame on those in charge.  Its gonna give many of us, the time to really delve into our rotax's if not the dinero to do so : {   Hope our members stay above the prevailing sneezes & coughs.

So, id like to know how to hop around inside the forums say to "page 44" on the 912 foro; w/o hitting "next page" 44 times or "end" and working my way backwards from page xyz ! 

I like the feature that provides related posts hyperlinks, but wonder wouldn't it be possible to have the forum software group related topics;  example;  fuel/fuel-pumps/carburetors all in a series, rather than scattered throughout the forum or worse several forums ?

Stay airborne & upwind  /  jg 






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    Thank you for your feedback! smile

    I'm not sure how you would know you were looking specifically for "Page 42", but each "Page" of a given forum holds 10 posts, so if you really want to jump to 'page 42' you would go up into your browser's URL bar and type in https://www.rotax-owner.com/en/912-914-technical-questions?start=410

    (?Start=410 means  starting at 'post 410', which would be the beginning of 'page 42' of that forum...)


    Also, grouping posts in the manner you describe is interesting, but it is not currently possible 'automatically' in the forum software. It's a wide ranging place and people don't always start in the most relevant forum for their postings. I expect it would be hundreds of man-hours (and an ongoing process!) to make every piece of information 'neatly grouped', and then we still would not be able to please everyone with the chosen groupings! We might be adding some subcategories in the future, but we're waiting on some major site framework updates (long-overdue) before we can really implement any major changes to the forum. (There considerable work-in-progress behind the scenes but we do not have a firm date yet.)

    The site's global search function "Search Entire Site" up in the SUPPORT/BULLETINS menu does a pretty good job of locating relevant forum posts (depending on how you word your search term...)


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    Thank you for your prompt response, and solutions.  

    As a new owner and subscriber, its a gold mine of info, so ive been working my way thru the voluminous pages & various threads & spooling many off as reference .pdf's ... just in case ... ya'll have to "turn off the mags" one of these daze, and glide her to a stop!

    cheers  /  jg


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