Expanded Information - SB-912-065/914-046 (rev.1)


This "Expanded Information" video provides additional information for SB-912-065 R1/914-046 R1 which covers a new periodic inspection of the carburetor float buoyancy on Rotax 912/914 aircraft engines.
This video explains which engines and carbs are affected and demonstrates the test procedure.



SB-912-065 / 914-046

PDF copy of the Service Bulletin (revision 1) for Certified engines.

SB-912-065UL  / 914-046UL

PDF copy of the Service Bulletin (rev.1) for Non-Certified (UL) engines.



Downloadable PDF manuals for Rotax Aircraft Engines.

SI-912-016 /914-019

PDF copy of the Service Instruction outlining approved fuels.

SB-912-021  / 914-023

PDF copy of the Service Instruction outlining carb inspection.

blog post

Blog Post

Rotax-owner blog post outlining the Periodic Float Buoyancy Inspection Service Bulletin.



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Carburetor Synchronization - 4 Stroke

This video details procedures carburetor synchronization procedures on a Rotax 4 stroke carbureted aircraft engine.

Video Length: 11:06

4-Stroke Carburetor Maintenance - Disassembly

Video number 1 in a series of 3 covering the maintenance of a Bing 64 carburetor. This video covers the complete disassembly of the carburetor Applicable for Rotax 912 and 914 aircraft engines.

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