I'd like to get some input from the forum about recommended maintenance for a low hour blue head 582 engine.

The engine is mounted on a Challenger II which my Dad built that made it maiden voyage in March 2004. The plane flew frequently in first couple years, but has been essentially idle for past 4 years. The plane has always been stored in a heated hangar (radiant floor heat) with low humidity.

Engine has been runup periodically, and during runups, exhaust gas temperatures are always within 50 degrees of each other and engine runs smoothly with no issues. There have been idle times of up to 1 year between runups (but prop was pulled thru on regular basis).

Question is... Rotax recommends a General overhaul of engine at 300 hours or 5 years, whichever comes first. We are inclined to follow the recommendation, due to concerns about possible corrosion, but want to hear from some of you with good knowledge of the engine. Happy to get it overhauled , but don't want to waste time or money. I am a student pilot, planning to fly the airplane in next couple months upon completion of my sports pilot training.

Your input appreciated!
  • Re: 582 Blue Head - 5 year maintenance at 56 hours ?

    by » 13 years ago


    I would recommend an overhaul. Long storage periods can often do more damage than frequent use. Even small amounts of corrosion from long storage can ruin bearings very quickly. rubber seals on the crank and rotary valve shaft also become hard over time. Two cycles seem to stay healthy longer if used often, but five years is a long time for seals and bearings regardless of the hours.


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