It's getting too cold to fly and time to put the gyro to bed for the long winter. In the unheated hanger, it is protected from the outside elements but it will get as cold as 5 degrees. What would you suggest to winterize my engine? I have 100 octane auto gas in the tank still.

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    I use fogging oil in mine that I buy at my local marine supply house. Just remove the air filter, warm up the engine, and spray it in the carbs with the engine running. I don't replace the filter. I wrap the carb openings with aluminum foil and a rubber bands to keep moisture out. I also drain the fuel system, including the carb bowls and dump it all in my car. This is especially important if you use fuel with ethanol in it. aluminum foil or a plug in the exhaust and you are ready for winter. It doesn't get that cold where I am, but it has always worked for me.


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