Have had starting problems with my 582 inverted previously, and thought I had it beat with a bit of help from this forum. From what I have learned its best to shut down at higher rpm (about 3000) to burn off fuel after closing the fuel cock. Also only use primer while engine is turning over. These methods seemed to help when starting for the first time for the day, but when the enginge has been running for a while, and I shut down for half hour or so, I can't start it with or without primer. Funny thing, if I shut down, and then restart within a minute or two...it starts great, but the problem only seems to come after the engine is off for a longer time...say 1/2 to 1 hour. When I rempoved the plugs to check for floopding, I find excess fuel inside the plugs of number 2 & 4 plugs... thats one on each cylinder. When I clean the feul out...she starts ok. I am using new plugs gapped .016" and the caps are tight. I suspect there could be many reasons for hard starting, but my main questions are...

I wonder where the fuel is coming into the plugs from when shut down as per above?

why is the problem only seem to be with a warm enghine?

and also is there a way of burning off this excess fuel without removing the plugs?

All I can think of is fuel draining down after shutdown, and into the plugs.

Thanks ... mike
  • Re: 582 flooding the plugs

    by » 12 years ago

    The spark plugs should be gaped between .018-.021 and they should be BR8ES with non threaded, non removable resistor caps.

    Here is some trouble shooting areas to look at:

    -Carburetor float stuck
    -Float leaks
    -Float valve does not seal properly, or dirt on valve
    -Too much choke or too long starting periods
    -Faulty ignition system

    -Incorrect fuel mixture (Main jet should be a 165, Idler jet 55, Needle jet 2.72, Jet needle 11G2, Needle clip position # 3)

    -Loss of compression due to defective gasket (PTO and MAG seals)
    -Too much clearance of rotary valve or incorrect rotary valve and/ or valve timing

    Hope this helps!

  • Re: 582 flooding the plugs

    by » 12 years ago

    Thanks rtx.... faulty ignition? OK, never thoght of that, but that could explain the intermtant problem. The manual says .016 - .020 for the plug gaps. I have tried both ends with 016 more successfull for starting. I suppose that gap may increase with wear anyway.

    Thanks for the input.


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