Hello Gentleman,
Happy to report that my previous issues have been solved thanks to the assistance I have received mostly from this forum.
Now I have another one that I wish for assistnce,
There is an overflow reservoir atttached to the radiator but I never see it doing anything, Today on the ground and tied, I was running the engine to make sure I am getting the proper RPM, The cooling temperature did reached 200 degrees, I slowed the engine down to reduce the heat and shut it down, I was under the impression that the hot coolant from the radiator to overflow into the reservoir but it did not and never have seen it do so, Is that an issue that I should be concerned about? normal flights and normal ground & extented rolls temperature stay within the envelove, thermostat new recomented tepm, cooling system had been flashed as I thought it wasn't circulating, I have removed the cup before it gets real hot to checked the radiator and I seen the coolant circulating,
Any input on the matter will be appreciated,
Regards to all

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    Hi Yanis,

    Under normal operations you will not see any fluid change between the expansion tank and the reservoir. That will usually only happen if the coolant temp gets too hot or over pressures and then it can flow out and then when the engine cools and pulls a slight vacuum the coolant would go from the reservoir to the engine. Unless you get to this point nothing normally happens. Many people go between coolant changes and will never see anything or never add coolant. Now that I said that each plane is a little different especially if yours tends to over heat.

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    :P Thank you Roger,
    That sure did took a load of my head, I apreciate your input,

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