On my 9 year old 582 bluehead with 200 h operational time I have a very hard start after 1 month of no use. When it started there was å LOT of blue smoke comming from the exsospipe.
After some checks I figured out that the level of the rotary walveoil was 1 inch to low.
I have also had a lot of differens in my egt with up to 40 *c diff between cylinder 1 and 2.The PTO sylinder is the hottest .
At the same time the fuelpressure on max 7 - 8 psi which is too high.
Which sealing can cauce theese problems ? Or what else could it be ?

  • Re: Rotary valveoil 582 blue head

    by » 9 years ago

    The rotory shaft oil seal is bad allowing the oil to enter induction side of the engine through the rotory valve. If you continue to run it in that condition you will create enough carbon by burning the oil to stick the piston rings. The engine needs to have the shaft seals replaced and the pistons inspected and decarboned.

    Thank you said by: Torstein Riksheim

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