you guys out there flying 582 grey heads, how do you like them compared to a air cooled 503.?
Are they as reliable as a 503,is the power and performance better than a 503.
I have a 582 on my Aventura and almost ready to fly her,but I am more familiar with the 503 and seem to hear better things about the 503 as to the 582,so what do some of you guys think..?

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    by » 12 years ago


    I've used the 503 and the 582 grey head both over the years and based strictly own my own personal experience, I found them both to be reliable engines. I think sometimes the 582 has gotten a reputation that it doesn't deserve. Some time back, Roger posted some figures on how many Rotax engines are in the field running. The numbers are amazing. Be meticulous with Rotax recommended maintenance procedures and the 582 will give you good service.


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