Hi guys. My 582 has done 45 hrs. About 3 times now the engine has backfired. Its happened twice after warm up and once just after landing. It's unusual as it seems to happen as soon as the prop stops turning. Can anyone shed any light.

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    by » 12 years ago

    Please verify "Backfire" vs "Afterfire". A backfire would come from the Intake system, where a AFTERfire would come from the exhaust system.

    Chances are you're having afterfires, caused by a hot, glowing bit of carbon or metal in the exhaust system igniting unburned fuel/air.

    Thank you said by: Nick Buri

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    by » 12 years ago

    Thanks Dave. My guess would be an Afterfire (until now I thought a backfire came from exhaust). Are Afterfires very common? I was thinking it may have been a hot plug and was going to see if changing plugs would fix the prob. As I said its not happening frequently but was a bit concerned after happening 3 times and have never heard it happen to any of my mates aircraft - we fly powered parachutes

    Many thanks

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