I have a split in my EGT. 1130 on one cylinder and 1050 on the other. Should I change jets on the one, or could there be some other problem? Engine runs fine, starts easily and very little difference in mag drop on run-up.
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    Should be no need to mess with the jets...you could check that the correct ones are fitted though,

    Have you anolog gauges....they are not 100% calibrated and a slight bit of resistance in the wiring can cause your prob,

    You could confirm there is a problem by swapping the EGTs probes from one cylinder to the other and see what figures you then get,

    Have you checked the colour of the plugs to see if the look the same....and also checked for air leaks on the induction side,

    You had the carbs balanced recently

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    You might also unplug and replug the spade connectors on your EGT wiring. Like Nick says, the voltage generated by the probes is so tiny that the least bit of resistance can skew the readings. Slightly corroded spades are a common problem.

    If you reverse the probes and the gauge readings reverse positions also, it's an engine problem.

    If the high and low readings stay on the same gauges, even though the probes are reversed, it could be a bad probe, bad wiring, or a bad gauge.

    To check the gauges, plug each gauge in turn into one probe and note the readings. If the gauges are working, the readings should be the same.


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    Thanks for the help.

    Gauges are digital.

    Tried to switch probes one is not long enough. I'll try on the instrument next.

    Plugs look identical.

    I'm suspecting the carbs may need balancing.

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    Thanks for the ideas.

    Next step is to switch leads on gauge. Not long enough on probe.

    If no luck there I will suspect the carbs need balancing.

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