Hello, just join in today. My Rans S4 has a 503 with a single carb. Don't know much about this engine except it has 24hrs run time. My concern is the prop. It has a 4 blade adj prop. I think that is more than I need. Can the blades be removed to make a 2 blade prop? Perhaps sale, trade for a 2 blade prop.
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    by » 11 years ago

    Hi Eddie,

    That does look like a pretty big prop for a 503, but if you are reaching full RPM at WOT it should be OK. I wouldn't recommend removing blades. I'm not sure how that would affect the torque values of the hub bolts with two empty spaces in the hub. That appears to be a "B" gearbox and the mass inertia of that prop may be a bit high for that gearbox. A two or three blade prop would be a better match for the gearbox.

    Very nice looking machine!


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