My 582 has only 170 odd hours, but is outside the 5year tear down and inspect period. Apart from routine servicing and replacing rubber etc, how import at is the time wrt overhauls? The engine pulls like a train......
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    by » 8 years ago

    My 582 blue top has only done 90 hrs and running great. Because I could not see the lower piston ring moving in its groove when viewed through the exhaust port decided to remove the head and cylinders. Both top rings were free and both bottom rings seized with carbon on the inlet side but free on exhaust side. Removed the pistons,managed to free the rings.All cleaned up and reassembled with new piston pin circlips and gaskets. I now know that I will have to do same in another 90 hrs. I run on premix semi synthetic. There was only minimal carbon build up on piston top.
    On the blue top I reckon the crank is good for many hours at least as per rotax maintenance schedule but seized rings are not good. Hours run before rings seize with carbon is different for every engine and dependent on oil used, premix or injection, upright or inverted engine and fuel, etc etc.

    You could check as above to establish condition then you will know for the future.

    Thank you said by: Jeffrey Thompson

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