I have a Rotax 582 mod 99 engine with an autolube. I want to remove the autolube to mix the fuel/oil by myself.

What parts do I need to blank the hole when the autolube pump has been removed, as well as any other stuff that needs to be done? Also, what is the Rotax procedure for doing this. Can you please forward me the Rotax manual for doing this or maybe a link where I can find it?


Jacques van der Westhuizen
  • Re: Rotax 582 autolube removal procedure

    by » 5 years ago

    To convert your engine from injected to "non-injected" you must remove the injection pump, pump mounting flange, remove pump gear and install a blocking plate on-to the pump mounting flange.

    Go to the parts catalog that you can find in the manual section of this website and turn to page 7.5-2. You will see the appropriate parts to order and a parts breakdown. Also, don't forget to order the injection line/hose that connects one port to the other so you don't have a big induction leak.

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