When starting my 582 bluehead last time I realised that it was running only on the rear coil
system.I tried to figure out the fault like this,but I have no good final conslution :

1)I put the front coil harness to the rear coil and left the yellow/black cabel to the magswitches open .I got no spark on the rear coil sparkpluggs.

2)I doublechecked by exstending the rearcoil harness to the frontcoil.Then the frontcoil sparkplugs were working ok.

My conclusion at this point was that:
a)Both coils were ok.
b)The fault was in the frontcoil harness (the part of it that is adapted to the engine flywheelhouse)or in the hardware inside the flywheelhouse.

3) The next question was whether the problem was in the cabels or in the hardware (charging coil or pickup-unit).I used a Ohmmeter to find out,and the values was eaqual on both front and rear coil harness.
-The coil were ok(Green and White was 250-255 Ohm on both coils)
-The pick ups was also ok (163 Ohm both)
According to the book, everytning normal.

4)I then used the frontcoilharness WITHOUT the pickup cable on the rear coil(meaning that I used the frontcoil chargingcoil and the rearcoil pickup on the rear coil):
-No spark at rear coil sparkpluggs.
My conclusion,fault in the chargingcoil for the frontcoil or its circut

4)The last thing I did was to measure the AC voltage for both charging coils while cranking the engine (voltmeter in ACmode between green and white cable):
-The chargingcoil feeding the front coil showing 73 VAC (problematic circut)
-The chargingcoil feeding the rear coil showeing 65 VAC (ok circut)
Theese values are not common it the world of Rotaxdocumentaion,so may be the 10 VAC difference is the answer on my fault?

My questions are:
-Are there more adequat way th seach the fault ?
-Are there other electronic devices inside the charging coils or its circuts that may be wrong ?
-Anybody that have a charging coil unit for a 582 bluehead that is working ?


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    by » 13 years ago

    I'm a real newbie to Ultralights and Rotax engine. I have a brand new liquid cooled 582 and turned the start key for the first time a week ago. I had a dead (left) mag since the firs start. It came down to the fact that I had a bad soldered wired which contacted the wire and the shielding of the wire which is grounded. I fixed it and it worked for a short while. After two minutes of running time it started doing the same thing again. So I'm back at square one and have to find where it is grounding again.

    It might not be the answer to your question but it might help


    OK it definitely was the shielding grounding the mag all the time. It is now corrected.

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    by » 12 years ago

    Torstein .. I know this response is over a year after you posted your problem, but I have exactly the same symptoms on my 582 and I had independently done the exactly same fault diagnosis tests that you did with the same results!

    Did you ever find out what was causing your problem, save replacing the (expensive) stator coil set?

    Tks Geoff Kitfox C-FPVV

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