I lost one ignition the other day. Swapped the green and white plugs, the opposite ignition did not work. I measured 270 ohms the resistance on the green and white wire to the motor on the one that is working. The one not working appears to be open or no resistance.

Probably easy question for the experts! The problem is the stator? I appreciate your help.
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    by » 13 years ago


    Sounds like either a bad stator winding or a broken wire if the circuit is open. If you have a crankshaft locking
    pin, you can pull the cover, flywheel, and rotor off and check the resistance right at the coil. depending on how much room you have to work in, you may be able to check the coil without removing the stator and pickups. In any case, you can remove it all with no specialized tools other than the crank locking pin. You might get lucky and its just a wire.


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