For light 2 seats UL 's which cannot be powered with a 912 for any reason ( weight, cost, over-power for the structure ) we rely heavily on the 582 . This 2 stroke engine is relatively reliable ,but it burns a lot of fuel and it is not environment friendly . In Europe 2 strokes engines using carburators are no longer allowed on ground and on water surface for several years......light aviation is the only area wher this technology remains legal.......The Rotax 447 and 503 are no longer produced for a few years, and there were rumors about the stoppage of the 582 also . But Rotax issued a new maintenance documentation for this engine a few weeks ago, which can be a demonstration that they remain decided to still support this engine fro a long time.....so the question is : does Rotax entends to keep this old carburator technology alive for long time, or are they preparing a new motor for light aviation ( UL , not certified ) of this power range ( 50 to 70 HP) ????? Did anybody heard anything on subject ? A 2 cylinders 4 stroke ? An E'Tech 582 ? an Electric motor ?
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