I have a Rotax 447 with BSOH points ignition I am about to convert to Ducati SCDL. I purchased an early Ducati 447 ignition, and it does not have the grey Tach cable. The Rotax Service Bulletin 7UL 93-E Sept. 1993 has some info. It says between the green ignition cable, you should add a 10k /9w resistor, and the other end should be the gray cable. 


My question is, am I correct in my assumption here? I want to use the engine with an AvMap Engibox. The Engibox Manual Reads "EngiBOX applies a 100 ohm load on RPM." 


Thank you in advance.


Rotax Bulletin: 


Engibox Manual:



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    by » 4 years ago

    I'm sorry that you didn't receive any replies to your question.  And I'm also sorry that I'm afraid I help you with that issue, as I am a first-time legacy Rotax owner.  

    What did catch my eye was the fact that you were/are converting yoiur engine to Ducati ignition.  Since my engine is very old, that's something that I've been thinking about doing.  Can you point me in the right direction to find out more information about this?  


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    by » 2 years ago

    You will need a Ducati ignition with pickup and a new fan tower that is machined to hang the pickup. The coil will need to be hanged below the carb, so you will need the mounting plate. You can purchase those parts from ebay or get a scrapped engine. 

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