Hello all, this is my first post. I’m new to Rotax engines and engine maintenance in general. I have several 25-hour maintenance items due on my Rotax 503 DCDI. I have several questions regarding the Rotax 503 maintenance schedule, starting with 6), check electric starter gear and 11), checking of V-belt tension.


Starting with 11), checking of V-belt tension: see photo (and inset detail photo). My engine is mounted above the wing of my Rans S-12, and I had never viewed the plastic fan shroud from above. When I reached down from above to remove the shroud, I saw that a notch has been cut into the starter gear case, apparently to allow the shroud to fit. The fit is very tight, and I’m not sure I can remove it without breaking the plastic shroud. Has anyone else seen this or made this mod? Why would it be necessary? Shouldn’t these parts fit? Aren’t the fan and starter gear cases in fixed positions? Is there another issue lurking here?


6), check electric gear starter: What's the torque value for the bolts holding the gear case cover? I haven't been able to find it in any manual, including the historical repair manual. Does anyone know what it is (and where I might have missed the reference)? Also, in the same photo, note the rust on several bolts. Should they be replaced? Either way, do I need to replace the washers? Finally, note the paint peeling from the case cover, which faces the wind. I don’t know why it was painted; the rest of the case isn’t. Should I clean and repaint, or just remove the paint and leave it bare?

8108_1_FAn-shroud-starter-case-inset-small.jpg (You do not have access to download this file.)
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