Hello, all-

This is my second post requesting information about the 2-stroke maintenance schedule. I’m new to Rotax engines and engine maintenance in general. I’m following the maintenance schedule in the Rotax Maintenance Manual (1999 edition) for my 503 DCDI.

Item 12, lubricate ball joints. The maintenance manual says, “all ball joints have to be greased regularly with heat resistant lubricant (e. g. LOCTITE Anti-Seize 297 434)”. I assume “regularly” means at every inspection, or every 25 hours. But what does “lubricate” mean? Wipe a few drops around the contacting surfaces? Slather it on?


Also, my engine has what appears to be the “Streamlined” exhaust ball joint conversion kit (see photo). It replaces the springs and hooks with stainless steel parts and AN hardware. Does anyone know the inspection/lubrication procedure for these joints? Am I supposed to take it apart, grease contacting surfaces, and reassemble?


Tags: Maintenance schedule, exhaust ball joints, ball joint conversion kit

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