Last year I bought a LSA with a Rotax 582 with 850 hours.


When I buy the plane the owner told me that, the last time that engine was completely disassembled and reviewed it had about 700 hours and it is supposed that everything was ok.


Since that, they only cleaned the carbon, and change sparkplug.


last week I took the motor to a Spanish Rotax service center (aviasport).


As you can see in the photos, When the mechanic measured the crankshaft he observed extreme deviations, about 0,2mm, he told me that never ever had seen such crankshaft deviation.


I'm completely sure that the plane never has had a prop strike, as the propeller was the original. Cylinders were with some wear but okay. The gearbox was ok.


What could have caused this deviation?


We are going to change the crankshaft.


There are any think you consider critical after the engine had been working with this kind of crankshaft deviation?


Thank's to perform excellent work.

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