G'day I Have a Quicksilver Gt500 with a 582 Rotax

new to the aircraft ownership world 

i am failing to get any more than 3000 rpm on power advancement during stationary ground stand my fuel pressure is reading 6ish bar at 3000 rpm and more when the electric backup pump is turned on. 

the engine starts ok and will idle however after trying to advance past 3000 rpm it basically dies in the arse each and every time. 

like it is starving for fuel. the temp gauge is running between average and borderline hot. 

I have altered the air valves and have had a minimal change of results 

I have pulled apart both carbs and have cleaned all jets thoroughly, the bowl is full each time I pull it off. 

any pointers on where to look next would be greatly appreciated. 

  • Re: 912 UL gt500 Rpm Advance Failure

    by » 3 years ago

    Hi Luke


    I assume that we are discussing a 582 2 stroke and not a 912 4 stroke?  

    The 2 stroke is only capable of a max  .5 bar pressure by design.  If you have to run your electric pump to get pressure up to more than perhaps .4 it suggests the crankcase seals are leaking.  How many hours/years old is the engine?  If you had to change the jets then you have a serious problem.  



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