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I tried a search on all 582 documentation, on Google and also on this forum, but couldn't find what I'm looking for.

> I just need to understand which size (more or less) I can consider for the M10 screws needed to attach the 582 onto a plate.

> Of course it depends on the plate's thickness, but I want to understand what is the maximum depth of the holes on the engine itself to determine my bolt size (without having to move the engine ;-).

Is there any Rotax documentation where it is specified?

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  • Re: Rotax 582 Engine attachment M10 screws

    by » 12 months ago

    hi heinisch

    I see nobody tried to answer your question from 8 months ago.  If you did not find your answer perhaps I can help.

    The 582 parts book shows that the factory studs were 29/20 mm .  That means the contact thread into the block was 29mm, there would be a small area then the area for the nut 20 mm.  Rotax always supplied the engines with studs rather than bolts.  These studs have Loctite 243 called out for contact into the block.  You can see the details in the current issue if the 582 parts manual and in the heavy maintenance manual for the same engine.  


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