Hey everyone,

I noticed a few days ago one of our pilots turned the ignition switch to the OFF position and the engine kept running while he had the key in his hand.  He then put the key back in, tuned it to the on position, then back to off and the engine shut down.  I was hoping to beat him to it to check each ignition position separately (for RPM drop) in case of a bad ground.  I did remove the ignition switch and noticed a loose screw on the LEFT ignition wire. I tightened it, did a run up and ignition check (Magneto check) and everything ran smooth.

I've heard of this issues once caused by a rich mixture, but I must claim that I'm not familiar with that. topic. I feel it was a bad ground issue or the ignition switch (ACS Products Corp.  A-510-2 P?N 52879) went bad. The loose screw was 103B for the left SMD (for this specific aircraft.)

The aircraft in question is a 2020 Sport Cruiser, Czech Sport Aircraft. As mentioned on the topic, it has the 912ULS.


Thank you in advance!



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