I have a trike with a Rotax 582 grey head. It has 300 h in the book. There has never been any problem with the engine until now. It looks like if something slips in the gearbox. When i start with full rpm i could sometimes hear a very short screech, just like a boatpropeller cavitating. Then the engine runs normal again. Is it posibly thad a bushing or cone slips for a second and then fasten again? The gearbox is an E, 4,0.


  • Re: Gearbox slips

    by » 12 months ago

    Hi Sune

    The 4 to 1 ratio is a difficult one in that there is a lot of loading on the gears.  If you noticed any increase in RPM when this noise happened it indeed is slipping.  Do not run it until repaired.  The main gear, the big one, is put onto the shaft with a cone and a large nut then torqued to hold them in place.  The cone will have Loctite.  If it slipped be sure not to use it until you repair.  Follow the manual carefully.



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