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I have just been notified that in Switzerland, BAZL (the Swiss Aviation Authority) has accepted to move the Rptax 912S TBO from engine running hours to aircraft flight hours.

Does anybody heard of something similar being accepted in other countries.

The aircrafts for which this allowance has been approved are EASA certified under the CS-LSA category and are currently in use by an Authorized Training Organization (i.e. they are being use for PPL training and for rental).


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    Hello Michele

    This came up in another post.  The correct wording in the new MML from Rotax does not say that.  The wording they are looking as is correct for the type 915 series and not as yet accepted for the 912 versions. 

    Attached is the current wording from Rotax regarding time limit calculations.  I believe it is related to how the original block testing was done at Rotax and the design of the gearbox.  The 915 and 916 have a completely different gearbox. 


    37066_2_912 engines operation hours.jpg (You do not have access to download this file.)

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