I changed my oil in my 912ul and rotated the prop after the oil tank was full of oil. When I turned on my master the oil pressure was at 60 psi. With the engine off. I cranked the engine a couple times and the pressure maxed the gauge. Any help would be appreciated!


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    by » 8 months ago


    It sounds more like an instrument/sender problem.  The type of pump on the engine would not be able to go over (100PSI?) Check your sender resistance.  Find the type and specs in the heavy maintenance manual. 



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    by » 7 months ago

    The VDO pressure sensor (round can) is usually located down near the oil filter. Did the wire to it get moved or messed with? Normal range for the sender is 10 Ohm (low pressure) to 180 Ohm (high pressure). Connection should be clean and tight - it doesn't take much current leakage to mess up the readings. Or the sender is messed up. With the wire disconnected, resistance from post to ground should be low ~10 Ohm. If it's ~100 Ohm with the engine off, the sender is stuck/bad.


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