Need some advice on resolving an engine bump/misfire in a 912 ULS 100 HP engine. It is installed in a Paradise P1 SLSA. So we have tried the following over the last 8 months without any luck in resolving the issue, and need more ideas.
-Carb Rebuild and balance
- Adding NACAS or running on 100% 100LL - to improve cooling, and see if higher octane would make a difference
-600hr gearbox inspection
-Replaced (2) float bowls as there seemed to be some corrosion in one float bowl
-Replaced firewall forward fuel lines and fire sleeved all correctly to reduce heat being introduced into fuel lines thinking the issue might be vapor lock related
- Found and replaced a damaged ignition coil
-OHMS check ignition components (coils/caps/triggers/stator)
-Rebuild ACS ignition Switch
-Installed (4) known good ignition coils/leads/caps
-Installed (2) known good carbs
-Cleaned gascolator
-Replaced electric boost pump
-Replaced (2)carb sockets and orings
-Replaced (4) intake orings-Replaced (8) spark plugs
-Replaced stator
-Replaced voltage regulator
- Tried more test flights to see if this was throttle cable related, but it happens even when the throttle is not touched. But it stops happening when the engine temps are around 185, and higher than 205 and it seems to be an issue.
Any other ideas?
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