I would like someone to tell me why a carb overhaul set of gaskets, o rings, and diaphragms for the Bing 64 cost over $300 from Rotax when the same list of parts for a Bing 64 on a motorcycle is less than $40??

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    by » 6 months ago

    Hi Stanley,

    I fly a homebuilt/experimental. In Australia, this means you can pretty much source your spares/consumables from wherever you choose.

    Subject to the motorcycle parts being identical/fit for purpose, I would go with the motorbike price.

    Aircraft parts are supposed to be held to a higher standard (cost). They tend to be slower moving/held in storage longer (cost) and the supplier is dependent on fewer part movements, to make a buck, so ups the price/item (cost). Then there is the perception that all who fly are wealthy, therefore willing and able to be scammed (cost).

    In Australia, factory built & available for hire (eg training) aircraft, must only fit factory approved parts.

    Different jurisdictions have diffrent legislation - so be sure of what you are allowed to do.

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    by » 6 months ago

    Hi again Stanley,

    Out of curiosity, I found Bing 64 carburettor overhaul kit on the internet - there are several, all for aircraft application, with attached big price tags. Did not find a cheap motorcycle one anywhere. Please advise your supplier for "less than $40".

    Some years ago, I needed a new radiator cap for my then Rotax - found an identical cap, with the same part number as Rotax, from a motorcycle shop (I think it was Ducati ) for about 1/3 the Rotax price.

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