I have a '90's vintage 912UL. The original owner swapped out the OEM Oil Pressure Sender for a Westech compatible Mediamate unit. I'm now installing a Dynon Skyview system and need to revert to one of the OEM style senders because the Mediamate isn't supported. I can purchase a new 2nd generation VDO style sender (p/n 956 357) for far cheaper than the current unit (~$80 vs ~$300).


I'm wondering which is the best path forward and hoping some of you folks can share your experience in this area.


FWIW I also looked the remotely mounted sensors Dynon offers but I'm not too keen on that approach due to the extra plumbing required.


Thanks much!



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    Hi John,

    There is no 100% answer for you. There are many Rotax engines that use a VDO sender and with Dynon and some of the others they use a Kavlico electronic one or the VDO. Either works. So it's up to you. A remote mount to the firewall is a good idea because it helps reduce the unwanted vibration. Plumbing shouldn't a big issue. It's just a fitting that goes into the oil pump housing where the sender went and then a hose in fire sleeve to the firewall where you want to mount the sender. Then a fitting on the end of the hose for the sender to screw into. Really pretty easy and cheap.

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