Hello, I would appreciate any feedback on the setup of a 912 ULS in a KitFox II for an upcoming pre-purchase examination. I’ve noticed that the oil tank is positioned quite high. Is this a standard arrangement for a KitFox?

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    Yes the early Kitfox had the oil tanks mounted very high.  This caused oil migration from the oil tank to the crankcase and was the main reason for the Rotax recommendation to turn the prop before flight each day.  This would help clear the excess oil from the crankcase and allow a true reading of the oil level.  Later versions with a ring mount solved this with a lower tank position but the recommendation is still valid.  

    The model 2 was only offered with a 2 stroke however in the long build times of the kit a large number were fitted by the builders with the firewall forward from the later version model 3 kits.  

    I would suggest looking online for a Kitfox forum to get better details of any inspection.  


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    Thanks, I'm also concerned about fretting as this seems to be older engine. Apparently it is a zero time (and that means different things to different people). Any insight on that would be appreciated. I'm doing my homework before doing a 7 hour drive to visit. I do not have the serial number.

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