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    That’s way too long. The technique is to open the throttle and close the choke simultaneously and quickly as soon as it starts. No need for 20 seconds.

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    My choke knob does not have a friction/lock to stay open.

    I like to have my hands as free as possible to respond to any issue that may arise during engine start.

    In my installation, I have found that two clothes pegs, placed on the choke knob shaft, holding the choke open, before start is initiated, works very well.

    Cold Start Sequence:

    Master on. Throttle fully closed. Both ignitions on. 

    Press start button,

    Engine starts immediately,

    Remove one peg immediately. after start

    After engine note /speed changes - remove second peg. Engine speed reduces.

    Throttle advanced to maintain 2500 rpm for warm up.

    The above all happens within a very few seconds.

    Works for me/my engine every time😁

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