We all know this has been discussed thoroughly but I appreciate your fresh input. I am on my 3rd Ducatti VR. I've done all described checks based on previous posts (to the best of my knowledge).

Just to recap:

i. ground regulator - checked - grounded

ii. AC current from stator - w/ engine running -  checked 15.3v (if I remember correctly).

iii. new rectifier and connectors - checked 

iv. capacitor - checked - replaced

Today I went on a 40 min flight which the battery voltage showed 14 v (amps no more than 7) during the whole flight. After a 30 min stop over and upon engine start, the voltage would not go above 13.2v. Did a few touch and go, dropped my CFI (this was a flight review) and started return flight to home base. During this flight the voltage slowed increased to 13.5v and stayed there until engine off.  Needless to say I am puzzled and not sure what else needs to be checked. What I might be missing ? Your assistance is highly appreciated. Thanks, Caio "Kyle" Braga

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