I'm installing a 912UL in the Super Drifter I'm building and came across an issue with the CHT/Coolant sensors and my engine monitor. I'm using an MGL EMS-2 (link below) and an MGL RDAC.



The existing CHT/Coolant sensors are resistive and the MGL RDAC has two analog channels that can be configured to read these sensors; however there are only four analog analog channels that can be displayed. Which leaves me only two analog channels and the thermocouple channels.

So, rather than using up two of the analog channels, I redesigned the CHT/Coolant sensor to be Type J thermocouples. This way I can save my analog channels for other needs. I have attached an image on the sensor body I designed in Fusion. I'll just pot the Type J thermocouple in the body with thermal epoxy and connect them to the RDAC.

Has anyone else not used the CHT/Coolant resistive sensor?


10429_1_Screenshot 2024-06-04 125555.png (You do not have access to download this file.)
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