I have just received an analysis for my 914 with 289 hours on it. The only high element was Chromium. My question is what engine parts in the 914 contain chromium?
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    Hi Joe,

    If you have a single higher than normal reading that isn't necessarily bad and can be very normal. If something was way off the charts then one reading may be a problem and you would need to catch a second sample, but you are looking for trends and not usually a single analysis. Each oil sample should be compared to other Rotax engines with the approximate same hours as a data base. Many labs test the sample 3 times for accuracy. Samples can be affected by catching one at the beginning of and oil flow, the middle or towards the end of the oil drain and if the engine is hot or cold. The best place is in the middle of the drain and a warm engine. Each oil sample will have different results so just look for the trend (unless it is off the charts where as the test company should call you).

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    What kind of oil analysis recomend for ROTAX 912 ?

    TAN, TBN, atomic emission, viscosity,infrared absorbtion, particles, etc

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