For the 912uls, the airbox temperature is supposed to not exceed some 24 deg C with a redline about 30 deg C. For my cowled engine, the airbox temp is usually about 9 to 14 deg above OAT depending on whether the day is cold or hot. This seems not too much of a rise for a close cowled engine but means on a warm day of 25 deg C the airbox temp being about 33-34 deg C is above the redlined temp. Fortunately on hot day here of near 30 deg the airbox temp is usually not extra high being 38 to 39 deg, but this is well above the redline. BTW these are airbox temps for near ground and up higher they drop with the OAT decrease.

Are these airbox temperatures a serious problem? The engine is well cooled and CHTs and oil temps are always within limits.

Also, why does the 912uls have these limits when other engines including the 912s are not as restrictive?

Many thanks to all who can advise me on this ....

Douglas N
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    Hi Doug,

    Don't worry about it. Some of us live in areas where the OAT is 105F. Even in the morning it is 85F. Don't worry about those few degrees all will be fine. Not much you can do about the inside cowl temps and many of us around the world have the same situation as you do. The aircraft Mfg should have vented the cowl well enough to keep things down at a manageable level.

    Roger Lee
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    Thanks, Roger, that IS a relief to know it is OK ....

    Regards, Douglas N

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