• Re: Unable to reach 2000hrs TBO on P2002-JF

    by » 13 years ago

    :-) small world, isnt'it
    -Average field elevation we're operating from is 1800'msl. Average altitude we're operating these engines over the Alps is 9000feets
    -Hoffmann 2 blades wooden prop diameter is 68.5"
    -WOT flying flat and level is above 2264 prop rpm but no much as I do remember. Got to try.
    -While these aeroplanes are certified we're following the maintenance programme. Before we use to do this every 100flt hrs as mentionned in the Maint manual. 3 months ago our we decided to do this every 50flt hrs. Ignition plugs are replaced as soon that wear appears.
    I'll be back to you as soon I'll know more about the max rpm at wOT flat and level Dear Roger

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