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I recently have been in discussion with the company I did training at, and various mechanics who have worked on a Tecnam that may be flying at our flight school. 

There seems to be a lot of back and forth on whether the times in the Rotax manual are mandatory in the U.S. We have a 912ULS engine that is at 16 years but only 600 hours total time, a gearbox that from what I can tell would need to be inspected at 1000 hours (because it was operated on unleaded fuel), and rubber hoses/fuel pumps that would need to be replaced in 6 months.

I have sources that say stick to the exact times listed in the Rotax manuals, while other sources say that all of these can be on condition. For example, one guy is telling me unless the gearbox feels like it needs shimming, many people extend the inspection time (being new I have only checked friction torque before, and was not taught how to tell if the gearbox would need shimming). 

I have also seen many discussions about the difference between an S-LSA and an E-LSA. They stated that for an S-LSA you need to stick exactly to the manual, but for an E-LSA you can go on condition.

If anyone has anything that would help clarify the rules in the U.S. that would be greatly appreciated and would probably help my headache go away!

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    Gearbox inspection and engine TBO are two different issues.

    Do the gearbox inspections on time. You can not tell if there are issues within the gearbox just flying unless they are already serious. Bottom line pay a little now or pay a lot later. 

    The engine TBO is being discussed on another post. No LSA aircraft company may give away the farm or require things beyond what the regulations are in the FARs. There are two documents on the other post from FAA legal.

    As you pointed out there are differences of opinion, but many fail to read the FARs completely. They might read a paragraph, but should read the entire section to look for exceptions and differences between different categories of aircraft.

    Just like the TBO section. Read it to the end.

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