Hello Guys,

I have a Magni Gyro with a Rotax 914 Turbo.

The engine is monitored with a Grand Rapid EIS 2000

When I ordered the EIS, I asked Grand Rapids to program it to have 2 FloScan fuel flow transducers: one measures the fuel that goes to the carbs, the other one monitors the returning fuel to the tanl.

I followed the installation instructions but I am getting wrong and variable fuel flow readings. For example an = or < before the fuel flow or way too high fuel consumption (50 gph!)

Any tips or advices?

THX for your time and help.

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    Sandy used to be my contact at EIS but I don't think she is working there now. Any of the guys in support there could help you though. They have talked me through many programming problems over the years.


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    Hi: I have a Grand Rapids EIS. Talk to Sandy at GR. She is awsome and they know their products inside out. They will give you good, solid advice. This is best place to start. Sometimes errors are just a case of not having the settings inside the EIS set up corretly for the configuration. These settings must be correct before you look any futher, or you will be wasting a lot of time.

    Rupert Gruen
    Pelican 914

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