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Just a note. I am seeing more aircraft come in with no throttle stop in the cockpit. This usually will cause the pilot to pull back too much on the throttle trying to slow the engine to idle and will bend the idle stop out on the carbs. You can even break a cable this way, stretch it longer which throws the carbs out of sync or cause the cable to slip in the throttle arm.
You should have a throttle idle stop in the cockpit. When syncing the carbs the best setup is to have the carb stop screw hit its stop at the same time the cockpit throttle hits its stop point.

Second note.
If you are taking the carb barrel or slide out and are going to take the needle out of the slide, then you really need to use a heat gun to warm up the retaining screw area that holds the needle in place. This is Loctited in place and failing to heat it up has caused many to twist the slotted head right off the top of the retaining screw. Then it's a PITA to get it out. It would then need to be drill and use an easy out. You don't want to go there. When you reassemble this just a tiny drop of Loctite 243 medium is all you need. Don't coat all the threads.

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