I know from experience with race cars as well as jabiru engines, we have had great sucsess with upgrading to suppressed spark wires. They are far better against RFI and EMI. Anyone tried them or similar brands on a 9xx engine ? The 9xx engines has "Screw on terminals" on the ignition coil witch is basicly not the best option for suppressed wires, but Magnecor claims it works, and that they have sold sets to rotax owners with great feedback.

I deal these wires here in Norway, so getting hold of a few meters wont cost a lost, but I am more interested if anyone else has tested them.

Running a 914 with solid copper core wires and non-resistor DP9EA-9 spark plugs seems to me like the perfect reciept to get all sorts of RFI/EMI issues ? :whistle:

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    Hi Thomas,

    Most of us have been running the stock wires for many years without any issues. I have a set of Zulu 2 headsets and they are extremely quiet. Most of the guys I fly with have the high end noise cancelling headsets and theirs is quiet too. The majority that have noisy interference can be traced back to improper wiring and wire routing. Wire routing alone can cause you excessive noise.

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    I use the NGK plugs with the noise supression resistors built in (designated by the R in the plug part number) and standard copper plug wires. Only noise I heard was from my strobe lights and I solved that by shielding strobe wiring and grounding strobe power unit. There is a lot of guesswork and black magic involved in noise supression and it differs from one aircraft to the next. I've solved problems in some cases by simply moving the antenna.

    In general, lots of shielding, lots of grounding, RF chokes, high squelch settings, and good headsets will do the trick.

    Don't use shielding on the spark plug wires or caps unless you have to. It will increase resistance and possibly lessen the spark somewhat. Not to the point however that it would be a problem unless the plugs were worn or fouled.


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