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I purchased a Medway EclipseR912 (80HP) flexwing microlight from a friend. The engine has 350hrs logged and was built in 2002.
As I'm totally rebuilding the aircraft at the moment (It has sat for a few years and needs a good tidy-up) I therefore haven't flown it myself, I'm going on what he has told me:-
The engine runs normally in usual Irish weather with normal oil temps/ pressure, BUT as soon as the air temp warms up and a slightly larger passenger is in the back seat then the Oil temps creep up to 120degrees but the oil pressure doesn't change.
He was blaming the passenger from disrupting the airflow to the cooler as it sits on top of the gearbox (sort of makes sense as the temps are normal when flying solo or the passenger crouches forward), so he fitted a larger cooler which solved the issue but changed back to the original cooler due to the new one developing a leak after a few years.
He also changed oil temp sender and the gauge but the problem still persists.
I have spoken to numerous other EclipseR owners who don't have this issue so it seems that my engine is the issue.

Now that the aircraft is stripped and the engine removed I would like to get to the bottom of this issue once and for all as my friend was working on this since he bought the aircraft in 2004 - I think him fitting the larger cooler is only disguising the real issue since no other owners of the same machine have any problems with oil temps.

Any advice will be welcomed.

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    HI there,
    I had the same problem with a smallish cooler while carrying pax. A larger one solved it. The trike was a South African Aerotrike. I since then (now 16 years fly A DTA Voyageur with first 912 then now 912s and never had the problem (flying in hot central African environment)...when suddenly temps got over the 135C..but rather erratically..and on some flights remained around 90-110 (normal). It turned out to be a faulty sensor. I fitted an Auto version which worked fine until a year later was replaced by the ROTAX one again. Since then never an issue again.

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    Thanks Stefan for the reply.

    I initially was going to change the sensor, but after talking to the previous owner/ my friend it seems he has changed everything already.
    The engine used to have a Flydat digital dash which he swapped for analogue instruments - the issue persisted on both layouts (obviously different senders for the different layouts). The larger cooler is the only thing that solved it.
    When I mention a hot day in Ireland I mean around a measly 20degrees, far from the temps you would experience!!


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