I have a 914 in a highlander. the exhaust elbow from the muffler thru the cowl has been rewelded twice in less than 100 hrs and it came off in flight and caused a good bit of damage, and damn near an in flight fire. has anyone experienced the same problem and what is the best fix?
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    by » 11 years ago

    Hi Russel,

    I think I would replace it. Is it always breaking in the same place? It is possible you have had poor welds and possibly more than once.

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    by » 11 years ago

    Roger, as it turns out, it should not be welded at all. It should be installed with a clamp with a pin in it and a hole in the exhaust pipe and the muffler to accept the pin. that is the way it is done on certificated aircraft. live and learn, I guess. thanks for reply and interest. RLM

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