Motor 912 with XTRA mod 95hp
Please Help - If I try and describe this squeaking noise it sounds possibly like a dry roller bearing or a tight dry rubber seal rubbing/resonating on shaft when turned slowly?
This sound can be clearly heard and I cannot figure out if coming from front or back of engine.
*Engine cold (early morning and cool) if hand turn the prop – NO squeak
*Engine Hot, i.e. just landed and I hand turn the prop – NO Squeak
*Engine warm (anytime say 30 minutes after a flight or when left to stand in hot African sun – then hand turn and this squeak is clearly heard.
At this squeaking temperature range I have removed the spark plugs to turn prop freely and constantly - I found the squeaking sound to be constant as long as I turn the prop.
I have done about 40 hours on this plane since purchased, always been like this and hasn’t gotten any worse or better? Motor performs well and seems to run 100% ok, all temperatures in the green etc. What I have noticed is that sometimes when on final approach and back on the power say to about 4000rpm then squeaking sound can be clearly heard above the engine/wind noise. (Sound is not coming through headsets speakers) also seems to depends on engine temperature whether the sound is there or not –
The previous owner had our local rotax AP listen to the sound when turning the prop and he wasn’t concerned?
Any thoughts/info would really be appreciated – Should I be worried!!!!
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