I have problem with 912F engine.
Problem symptom:
- first startup is awful I had to use starter spray, but I felt smell of petrol.
- later run's very rough
- on hot engine starts run better but when I'm adding throttle it's get's rough and on gauges I can see different pressures (synchro gauges).
- when I make fast from idle to full engine loosing rpm's for a moment or quits.
- on WOT run's ok for longer time event (so I think fuel feed, pump are ok).
- RPM drop on mag check is ok, it's cold -5 *C and dry now.
- airbox is installed, I tried also in carb heater
- I tried with aux electric pump - the same.

It's equipped in almost new carburetors, I checked and fixed synchro, no change. I checked carbs inside, there is standard set on needle (point 2, two marking's on element), jet is 2.27 as should be, carb's are clean and looks really nice. Only think, that floaters are without markings (dots) so I'm going to put another floaters for test. Anyway I don't think that I'll find something here.

Any ideas?
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