I have got the warning of "overcharging the battery" and the advice to "check regulator". Separately on the screen of my EFIS readings of 14.6-14.7 and 14.8 volt appear.

Some specifics:
1. ROTAX912UL engine
2. SuperB5200 battery LiFePo

Is it really the regulator that needs to be replaced or is it a bad ground of the regulator or ............................?

Any input would be welcome.

Best regards Jan
  • Re: overcharging battery ROTAX912UL

    by » 5 years ago


    The first thing I would check is your connections at the regulator and battery. Chances are your regulator is bad, that seems to be the weak spot in the system. If you have a good multimeter check the voltage across the battery with the engine running and verify your meter is reading the same as your EFIS.

    Hope that helps,

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