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The first apologize for my bad English.
I have a question that surely aclaráis me. How do I connect the capacitor to rectifier Ducati? I have seen that in the Rotax manual goes from terminal B + to ground. Well it seems clear but in other web I've seen other connections, for example from terminal C, plus auxiliary pump I have combustibel Facet and I saw that must be connected in parallel. The latter not clear to me. I also doubt what is the best ground lead for the trainer. Please, someone I East or some electric scheme where this assembly appears with an auxiliary fuel pump. I have a ATEC Zephyr 122 ROTAX 912 ULS with 100 hp and the problem is that I do not have any kind of manual model.
Thank you.
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    Hi Alberto,
    I would put it as per the Rotax Installation Manual page 61 illustration. It is part no. 14. See attached illustration.
    It can be a bit confusing that another n0.14 (capacitor) sits elsewhere in that diagram, but that is not relevant unless you are using an external alternator (which I am guessing you are not).

    Note that the current should be able to bypass the capacitor on its way from the rectifier to the consumer side. The capacitor is just latched on the the positive side to be able to absorb spikes in current that could otherwise damage the regulator / rectifier.

    The fuel pump I would hook up to the consumer side of the 12v system with a switch for it in the cockpit (and perhaps a fuse).
    It is actually also in the diagram (part no. 25)

    cheers, Ole

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    I understand that the capacitor, must be connected to B +, B + with C, and on the other side to ground.

      The auxiliary fuel pump is connected to the bar 12 V with its breaker and switch.
    Attached some images found on the web pointsforpilots.blogspot.com

    Thanks for your reply.
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    don't understand how you would connect the cap to ground??  You will have a hot B+ to ground??

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