I bought a new in crate 912ULS that was missing the oil tank.

For Reference:
5647073 is a 912 ULS (912 ULS2) produced 07-Sep-2006

original factory configuration:

without fuel lines
UL2 I=2,43 with clutch
without vacuum pump
with green valve covers
without mech. tachom. pick up
without external generator
without air guide baffle
with std. temperatur sensors
with screw connection UNF
with expansion tank
without air box
without engine truss
starter large

I am seeing 4 available assemblies:

956503/656865 - metric
956508/656860 - UNF

I believe that the 6... assemblies are newer.
I would guess the engine came with 656860.

If I were watching for something to come along on ebay, is there a reason to choose one over the other?
This will be a new install (eventually) so I currently have no hoses etc.
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    Living in the US; You will find the UNF (6AN) fittings much easier to come by than the Metric ones.

    I will guess that at the oil fittings on the engine side are already UNF. 6AN = 9/16-18 UNF.

    An engine that has been sitting in a crate for 11 years may have serious Oil Problems.
    Pull the upper plugs, get some oil in the cylinders, and under the valve covers, and be double certain the Oil pump and Filter have a full prime before turning the prop-shaft.
    If it hasn't been re-oiled every two years in the crate, you will need to get some Oil in the engine before you do anything else.

    Follow the Oil Priming procedure initially with the Impellers removed from the oil pump.
    Apply 10-15psi of pressure and watch for oil to appear under the valve covers.
    This might take a little time.
    Reinstall the Impellers, and you should see real oil pressure very quickly when you first turn the engine by hand.

    The engine was last run 11 years ago, for about an hour, at the factory.
    It does NOT have engine assembly grease in the oil galleries, just the residual used Oil from the test stand.
    The factory assumed the engine would be put into service in less than a year.
    Rotax will recommend that it be disassembled at this point.

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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    Thanks for the advice Bill.

    Yes, I believe the engine is UNF.
    From the parts description it looks like the UNF tank fittings are 3/4-16 or AN-8. (Just in case someone comes across this thread)

    So it kind of sounds like you don't see a difference (not counting catalog pricing) between the tanks other than the metric/UNF bit.
    I was kind of trying to figure out the new price difference between the 9.. and 6.. and it looks like maybe it's just due the natural human "newer is better" response.

    Searching the forum the only evidence of a difference I could find was a discussion that the old quick drain doesn't work on the new tank.

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    Reading between the lines...
    It appears that the older 956500 Tanks were manufactured by a different supplier.
    And the Newer 656800 Tanks are being made by the current supplier.

    The only differences should be in the workmanship and cosmetics.
    They can be considered identical up until the point that there is a defect found in one of them.
    The different numbers are for traceability purposes only. Choose your poison!

    There is more than one manufacturer of Oil Quick Drains.
    TheBall-Valve Style Drains do not project into the tank and provide Full Unobstructed flow when open.

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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    Anybody recognize this version of oil tank? 2 photos attached. Notice the inlet port on the side rather than the top of the tank. This is attached to a 912ULS on a 2008 Remos G3. Can’t tell if it’s an old tank or a modified tank and if the side inlet impacts the performance any. Note, it also had an old style cap ring (in background) with the lever mechanism. Rest of tank seems as normal internally.

    35985_2_430222F0-D0EF-4288-BA8D-89E2117ECA5F.jpeg (You do not have access to download this file.)
    35985_2_299921E5-B459-458C-8FF8-9F9575C02E21.jpeg (You do not have access to download this file.)

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