Me and my local mechanic are having serious problems tightening the nuts that hold the fuel lines (metal tubing rather than a hose, this being a 914UL) to the caruretors. Especially the one at the right side carburetor (that is, from a pilot perspective, ie the port one)

I’ve bought the short version of the normal U-shape open wrench/spanner, 12 mm wide. However, even with this shorty one, I’m having a hard time getting at the (by now, since the previous owner having similar problems, rather worn) nut.

The problem is two-fold: there isn’t enough space to get the wrench handle around and also, in most possible angles, it’s hard to even get the ”jaws” of the wrench in around the nut because of how close other stuff is placed around it.
Actually, the problem is three-fold: The tool needs to be open due to the tube. I suppose the last ditch option would be to loosen the tube at the fuel regulator

I’ve been looking at everything from slim adjustable spanners to various short/stubby variants of U-spanners. There are some ring spanners with bent handles, but those do not seem to be available in the U-shape.

Basically, I need something short and thin.

Does anybody with similar woes have anything to recommend?

/ Erik
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