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I need to measure the play/movement in the gearbox of my 2006 912ULS. How much should the prop move and where should it be measured?

I had the 'box inspected by Lockwood at 400hrs because I found my prop was too heavy. It passed that checkup but I'm curious about it's health now after an additional 460hrs with a new lighter prop. I'll send it in again if necessary but I was hoping to make the 600hr mark this time.


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    There is a gearbox check in the Line Maint. manual that should be done every annual or 100 hr inspection. As a private owner this is about all you can do on a normal basis. If it was checked by Lockwood at 400 hrs. I imagine it's still okay and wouldn't loose any sleep over it.

    See Line Maint. Manual section 12-20-00 page 68. It's almost the last few pages

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    Thank you Roger. I'll look that up.


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